Schering-Plough Healthcare Products


Schering-Plough HealthCare Products Inc., which makes Dr. Scholl’s products, is a subsidiary of Schering-Plough Crop. Of Madison, N.J. This research-based company develops and markets pharmaceutical and health-care products worldwide.

Schering-Plough wanted to introduce Dr. Scholl’s Corn Cushions to its target market – and specifically in over-the-counter sample kits for managed-care facilities.

CWS Recommends

A Schering-Plough buyer approached CWS to find the right kind of packaging for the corn cushion samples.

CWS offers skin packaging, blister packaging, shrink wrapping, poly-bag, L-sealing and clamshell packaging services in a turnkey operation.

We recommended a skin package using a film of DuPont Surlyn. That would allow customers to both clearly see and feel the cushions. The package would also feature an easy-open peel-back corner, created by using a spot of varnish on the corner after the board is coated. The Surlyn still adheres to the cards, but it remains easy to open.

We used two Zed inline automatic skin-packaging machines to package the samples 30-up on a master card that measured 17 7/8 by 23 7/8 inches, using a 24-point SBS board printed by Mulford Division of Warren, MI and a four-mil film of DuPont Surlyn.

The Result

We provided our client with millions of packages that customers could both see and feel the quality of the corn cushions. They went quickly into market and Schering-Plough increased sales markedly.