StemSave Inc. collects and stores teeth to preserve their stem cells – cells that can be grown into almost any type of human cells, including heart, brain, nerve, cartilage, bone and liver cells. The service can make medical treatment easier and cheaper in the future.

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StemSave needed kitting and distribution services. CWS Packaging suggested a solution that incorporated:

  • Extensive experience in assembling pharmaceutical packages.
  • Kits to be distributed to individual dentists and patients, requiring attractive packaging and distribution systems. It wasn’t simply a matter of tossing a box on a truck.
  • Extensive record-keeping and verification. Each kit needed to be trackable from collection to cryogenic storage to make sure the right teeth were in the right package.

The Result                                

The kits we provide are only a small part of our packaging solution for StemSave. Our distribution service and extensive record-keeping gave StemSave a capability it didn’t have and is a major component of its product.