Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much production space does CWS have?
Answer: Five buildings with nearly 150,000 square feet, most of which is FDA-regulated, operating to the highest cGMP standards. We also offer both on- and off-site warehousing.

Question: Where are your facilities?
Answer: Norwich, New York. We’re within a one-hour drive of four major Interstates – Interstates 81, 86, 88 and 90. And we’re within an eight-hour tractor-trailer ride of 90 million people.

Question: How long has CWS been in business?
Answer: CWS was founded in 1964.

Question: How many employees does CWS have?
Answer: 275 full-time, trained employees with the flexibility to expand with minimal notice.

Question: How many shifts does CWS work?
Answer: Two eight-hour shifts/day five days/week. A third shift is available and Saturdays are available as overtime.

Question: What are your lead times?
Answer: We’re capable of immediate starts – within 24 hours of completed paperwork -- to achieve quick turnarounds and maximum flexibility, but in general:
Blister Cards: 3-4 weeks.
Blisters & Clamshells: 3-4 weeks.
Flow Wrapping: 4-6 weeks.
Tipping: 1 week.
Edible Film: quoted upon request.
Shrink wrapping: 1 week.
Skin sheets: 3-4 weeks.
Displays: 3-4 weeks.

Question: How do you handle distribution and shipping?
Answer: We arrange with our affiliate trucking companies, ship via UPS or Federal Express, or use a shipper of your preference.

Question: Who owns the product inventory and supplies packaging material?
Answer: You always own your provided inventory. While here, it is fully insured and treated with the utmost care. CWS can also source materials on your behalf and offer the best-in-class certified sustainable packaging.

Question: Do you purchase production materials?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do you accept consigned production materials?
Answer: Yes.