Why Use a Contract Packager

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider selecting a contract packager such as CWS Packaging:

  • You don’t have available in-house equipment or expertise.
  • You have higher priorities for your in-house process.
  • A contract packager may be better located for efficient distribution.
  • A contract packager may have expertise with packaging forms your staff is unfamiliar with.
  • You plan a short run for a new product, market test or gift pack that doesn’t justify capital investment in equipment.
  • You want non-standard packaging or promotional inserts requiring special machinery or labor-intensive work.
  • Short-term market pressures require experienced help to supplement your capabilities.
  • A product may more economically be shipped in bulk to a distant market, then unit packed locally.
  • You face operational problems, such as plant maintenance or labor shortages.
  • You have a warehouse full of a product that needs re-working to make it saleable.
  • Your company faces a high investment to meet regulatory or environmental requirements.