Blister Carding and Thermoforming

CWS’ thermoforming and blister-carding services lead the industry. We package everything from pharmaceuticals to lip balm, contact lens cases to nasal inhalers. If you need high product visibility and maximum marketing surface space, CWS can provide you with the high impact finished unit you desire. Want eco-attributes as well? We can help with that too.

Blister Carding Formats:

  • Face Seal
  • Fold over
  • Two-piece Trap

8 Blister Carding and Sealing Lines:

  • (8) Alloyd Plate A-line Carousel
    • (1) 14 Plate a-line Carousel
    • (2) 8 Plate High-Speed Rotary
    • (1) 6 Plate Rotary
  • (3) Visual Blister Sealers
  • (1) Zed in-line 22 Plate Sealer

Internal Tooling Development:

  • Mold Plates, Sealing Plates, Heater Plates, Card Feeders
  • Ability to produce sample blisters
  • Quick turn development, unparalleled price point

Inhouse Termoforming:

  • Can support or produce almost any shape
  • Multiple thermoforming and die cutting machines

With these attributes, CWS has the ability and capacity to support and produce over 50,000,000 carded units annually. As CWS continued to invest in more automated and high speed lines, this capability will continue to grow to meet the ever growing needs of our customes and demands of the marketplace.

We offer eco-frienly carded packaging, too, and both renewable and recycled packaging products.

Eco-Friendly Blisters:

  • 100% Post Consumer Content PET Blisters
    • CWS has access to blister films that are true environmentally friendly while also uniquely being FDA approved for use. Help boost your Wal-Mart scorecard rating while appealing to consumers interests.
  • Aragonite / Oceanite Additive
    • CWS can help extend the marketability of your product by the packaging attributes you choose.
  • Aragonite / Oceanite can provide up to 30% level of sustainability to your packaging.

Sustainable Recycled Content Blister Cards:

Blister carding and thermoforming continue to grow as packaging options because they provide product exposure and promotion, while ensuring safety and reducing loss.

CWS also offers the Virtuweld packaging system, which combines the security of a welded clamshell, but with the convenience of an unsealed package and the sustainability of recycled materials.