Eco-Friendly Solutions

Sustainable packaging isn’t simply a matter of using environmentally friendly materials. It’s about reducing waste, reducing package size, increasing efficiency.
And by using our solutions-oriented processes of understanding the needs and constraints of the project, it’s about reducing your cost. We beleive that there are ways to be eco-friendly while being cost-friendly as well. CWS looks to define, develop and present eco-conscious solutions that are either cost neutral or cost beneficial.
With a multitude of new materials constantly coming to market, CWS stays abreast of new develops in the packaging industry to in-turn pass along back to its customers, seeking to benefit the product by adhering to the needs of the product's packaging while increasing viability with major retailers whom are driving more sustainable packaging solutions (ie. the Wal-Mart scorecard).
Some offerings that CWS promotes and can provide access to are:
Green Guard tear resistant blister cards
Can replace more expensive/eco-negative clamshells with security equivalence to thermoformed counterpart.
Fully printable for more dynamic marketing messaging to consumer.
VirtuWeld Clamshells
Clamshells packed and “sealed” without any energy/power expenditure
Seal looks ultrasonically welded while being a secure snap fitment based seal.
Additive allowing for up to 30%-50% offset of pure virgin polymers
Enabling better eco-claims on packaging; 30%-50% sustainable/renewable content
Cutting costs of expensive polymers for blisters, clamshells, trays, etc.
100% Post Consumer Content PET blisters
FDA approved for use with FDA regulated items