Other Services

CWS Packaging supplies turnkey solutions. Rework, custom hand processes, tipping, clipping – all completed by a well-trained, experienced staff. Our designers customize the process. Then we deliver.


Need to add instructions or a coupon to a bottle? Maybe a package of crayons to a coloring book, or an applicator to a packet of cream? CWS designs particularly effective solutions for pharmaceutical and retail products.

Pharmaceutical: CWS can attach medical information, user directions, dosages – even cross-promotional products – to pouches, sachets and bottles.

Retail: We accommodate many shapes and sizes. Whether you need to glue hardware packets to do-it-yourself kits, coupons to product packaging or even credit cards to mailers, CWS makes it happen.

Clip Stripping

Clip strips provide effective in-store retail and cosmetics displays. CWS creates custom clip strip loading programs, including:

  • Hand loading.
  • Header labeling.
  • Master packout with proper S hook inclusion.

Custom Hand Processes

CWS kits and assemble any number of items. We specialize in:

  • Hand kitting for proper placement and orientation.
  • In-process 200 percent inspection.
  • High daily throughput.

Our teams are disciplined and dedicated to reducing errors, so you get maximum quality, starting with a detailed verification of raw materials and continuing through a defect-free end product.


CWS is adept at rework jobs that require immediate turn-around. Our quality assurance staff works very closely with production to incorporate many operations to fix, separate and inspect your product, including:

  • Teardown and Repackaging.
  • Overlabeling and Relabeling.
  • Lot Inspection.
  • Validation.
  • Reconciliation.

Electrical and Mechanical Sub-assemblies

If you need wires cut, soldered or affixed to a device, CWS can meet your needs. Welded steel tent stakes? Steel rollers from scratch? We’ve done those, and much more. Our engineers can design the entire process, from electrical to mechanical assembly.