Wrapping Services

If it can be wrapped, sleeved, bundled, banded or shrinked, CWS Packaging does it – while reducing waste, improving distribution efficiencies and allowing better marketing.

We have the equipment and processes to produce the best wrapping solutions. We offer you clear packaging, tinted or printed to maximize messaging.


Flow wrapping -- or fin seal, crimp seal, horizontal bagging or pillow pouch wrapping -- wraps a product with a clear, opaque or printed film.

CWS can flow-wrap virtually anything – retail or pharmaceutical -- on two types of flow wrappers for horizontal fills of 3 to 11 inches.

Shrink Wrapping, Sleeving and Banding

CWS can shrink-wrap or bundle almost any product. We create a precision wrap that enhances brand quality, while keeping it clean, adding tamper resistance or packaging multiple products.

Promo packs, free samples with purchase and buy-one-get-one packs are effective marketing techniques, but you need efficient, cost-effective shrink packaging to keep multiple pieces in a single unit.

CWS creates more efficient throughput, with less waste, increased distribution efficiencies and better brand awareness.


CWS provides full setting and banding services, creating product bundles and bricks in whatever format you require. Bundling has become a preferred method of doing bin based distribution to store level from the DC, allowing for replenishment stock transfers without the need to send a full case quantity, while also limiting corrugated processing at store level.